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Mary Coughlan The Platinum Collection Серия: Warner Platinum инфо 3097f.

Содержание 1 Ancient Rain 2 Double Cross 3 I'd Rather Go Blind 4 Invisible To You 5 Ride On 6 A Leaf From A Tree 7 Delaney's Gone Back On The Wine 8 Sunday Mornings 9 Red Rаэсэмibbon 10 Ice Cream Man 11 There Is A Bed 12 Francis Of Assisi 13 The Beach 14 Man Of The World 15 Seduced 16 Nobody's Business 17 I Can Get Along Without You Very Well 18 Handbags And Gladrags 19 Whiskey Didn't Kill The Pain блтгэИсполнитель Мари Коулэн Mary Coughlan.

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