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The Phantom of the Opera - The Ultimate Edition (1925 Original Version and 1929 Restored Version) (2 DVD) Формат: 2 DVD (NTSC) (Custom Case) Дистрибьютор: Image Entertainment Региональный код: 1 инфо 2938f.

От издателя The Milestone Collection Beneath the splendid riches of the Paris Opera House lie ancient catacombs with a dark and forbidden secret These vast underground rooms and hidden passages were once usаэсчъed as torture chambers to satisfy the blood lust of a crazed population Rumors abound that the Opera Ghost lives there still, vowing vengeance on the human race When film director Rupert Julian was presented with the script for The Phantom of the Opera, he declared блтанsimply: "Lon Chaney, or it can't be done!" For this film, "the man of a thousand faces" transformed himself into his most recognizable characters Using chemicals to dilate his pupils, cotton and celluloid discs to heighten his cheekbones, fanged teeth to create a horrific grin and wires to pull his nose upwards, Chaney became the menacing Phantom who lurks in Box 5 of the Opera - and in the dark cellars below This spine-tingling, macabre masterpiece can now be vбсирвiewed in all its Grand Guignol glory Using the best 35mm print of thei1929 reissue from George Eastman House as well as additional material from UCLA Film and Television Archive, Photoplay Productions created the finest existing version of the film, featuring a magnificent orchestral score by composer Carl Davis (Napoleon) The Photoplay team was also able to restore the stunning Technicolor bal masque sequence and has painstakingly re-created the Handschiegl color process used in the famous "Apollo's Lyre" scene on the roof of the Opera Режиссеры: Руперт Джулиан Лон Чени Эрнст Лэммли Эдвард Седжуик Продюсер: Карл Лаэммль Творческий коллектив Дополнительные материалы Audio Commentary by Film Historian Scott MacQueen 1925 & 1930 Theatrical Trailers Stills Galleries Featuring Deleted & Missing Scenes Selections of Dialogue Sequences from the 1930 Version Not Found in the Restored Version "Carla Laemalle Remembers" a Video Interview wiбтмржth David Skal Faust Opera Extract from the 1929 Tiffany Sound Feature Midstream Bonus Audio Only Feature - Cinematographer Charles Van Enger Interview Режиссеры (показать всех режиссеров) Руперт Джулиан Rupert Julian Лон Чени Lon Chaney Эрнст Лэммли Ernst Laemmle Актеры (показать всех актеров) Лон Чени Lon Chaney Мэри Филбин Mary Philbin Норман Керри Norman Kerry.

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