Led Zeppelin: The Essential Albums Of All Time Серия: Rock Milestones инфо 2929f.

От издателя Is this the greatest album of all time? The fourth Led Zeppelin album was released without a title It is known variously as Four Symbols, Runes and Led Zeppelin IV but what ever you call it it's аэсчуundoubtedly a work of genius that has stood the test of time brilliantly Featuring rare footage of Led Zeppelin in concert plus rare live radio broadcasts and interviews with all four members of Led Zeppelin this is the ultimate review of one of the land marks of the блтаиrock world Features Highlights From Rock 'n' Roll, Black Dog, Stairway To Heaven, Going To California, When The Levee Breaks and Four Sticks Дополнительные материалы Image Gallery Актер "Led Zeppelin" (Исполнитель) Легендарная рок-группа "Led Zeppelin" была создана в июле 1968 года бывшим участником группы "The Yardbirds" Джимми Пейджем В ее состав также вошел бас-гитарист Джон Пол Джонс, а вокалистом стал Роберт Плант По рекомендации последнегобсирб на место .